A Physiotherapist’s Perspective

It is great to be seeing an emphasis on information and education for pre and post partum women. We all understand the significance of exercise to maintain weight and to have healthier, easier deliveries. There are now many opportunities to join fitness or yoga classes. However, what do we know and understand about the function of the pelvic floor muscles? Remember, these are the muscles that support our organs and assist with labour and delivery. How is this large and dynamic muscle affected after traumatic deliveries? What is the recovery time? When can the muscle accept the loads demanded of it with regular routines? Can you prepare yourself in advance? Are Kegel exercises just a simple exercise? Or is the muscle part of a very integrated and complex muscle movement pattern? These questions are important, and a physiotherapist knowledgeable and trained in Pelvic Floor Health can guide you.

Marita Dowsett, B.P.T.