How Do I Know if I Have a Pelvic Floor Problem?

Common signs and symptoms of a problem with your pelvic floor include:
  • Accidentally leaking urine when your exercise, laugh, cough, or sneeze.
  • Needing to get to the toilet in a hurry or not making it there in time.
  • The need to frequently go to the toilet.
  • Finding it difficult to empty your bladder or bowel.
  • Accidental loss of feces or wind.
  • A prolapse
    • In women, this may be felt as a bulging into the vagina, heaviness or discomfort, or a feeling of pulling, dragging, or dropping down.
    • In men, this may be noticed as a bulging coming out of the rectum, a feeling of needing to use your bowels but not needing to go.
  • Pelvic pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Poor sensation or loss of bladder control during sexual intercourse.