Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercises

Lower intensity abdominal challenge

  • Single leg extension with one leg supported by a hand on a stationary knee or moving foot on a ball.
  • Knees side to side with feet on a ball.
  • Modified plank on hands or knees with a slight bend at the hips.
  • Wall push ups.
  • Ball bridge (feet on ball or back on ball, +/- single leg lift).
  • Arm and leg lift on all fours.
  • Leg lift sitting on the ball.
  • Shoulder rotations with back on the ball.
  • Standing balance work on the bosu or balance disc.

Core Exercises to Avoid

  • High intensity abdominal exercises
  • Sit ups, curl ups, crunches.
  • Abdominal exercises with medicine ball.
  • V-sit
  • Hundreds
  • Double-leg lowers
  • Plank position on hands and feet (e.g. hovers, full push ups).